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Elbrus World Race (EWR) is an annual event created by people with a passion for mountains and sports and aimed at the like-minded. Elbrus World Race is to be held in the first week of August.

Elbrus World Race consists of:

  • Elbrus Mountain Race

    105 km with 4 900 meters climbing on the course not marked on the terrain – marked on the map and downloadable to GPS. Team of 2-4 persons participation. Time limit – 72 hours. Start from village Azau.

  • Sky Runner Series

    Elbrus Mountain Marathon

    Russian Skyrunning Cup

    42 km with 3 450 meters climbing on marked course. Individual and team participation. Time limit – 24 hours. Start from village Verkhnii Baksan.

  • Elbrus Trail

    30 km with 1 900 meters climbing on marked course. Individual and team participation. Time limit – 24 hours. Start from village Verkhnii Baksan.

Facts about Elbrus

Elbrus (5642) – is an emblematic mountain in the Caucasus mountain chain, located in south Russia between the Black and the Caspian Sea.

With its 5642 meters (18 510 ft.) above the sea level, the western summit of Elbrus is the highest point of geographical Europe.

Elbrus has a volcanic nature explaining its distinct, “round” look of the mountain. Elbrus is dominating its surroundings with a whole of 4741 meters shoulder drop.

Elbrus area is dynamically changing – the region of Elbrus is traditionally popular for alpine skiing and mountaineering. Russia is planning to develop Elbrus region into a modern mountaineering and ski cluster with a infrastructure capacity thrice the current one. The estimated size of the investments is over 2 billion USD over the next ten years.

EWR Organization


The EWR organization is a team of event specialists, mountain guides and international volunteers connected by a passion for mountains and the motivation to make a great event.

EWR President – Sergey Zon-Zam – mountaineer, high mountains guide, creator and owner of the Russian market’s leading outdoor retail chain “Alpindustria”.

EWR Race Director – Ivan Kuzmin, Ski-Orienteering World Champion, adventure racer, director of several International sport events – ski races, adventure races, and orienteering races.

Elbrus World Race is assisted by “Alpindustria ”, leading Russian outdoor retail chain and professional mountaineering tour operator with a network of experienced guides and expertise in mountaineering and mountain security in the Elbrus area.